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Register your interest for Tali Detect, the first digital ATTENTION assessment tool specifically designed for early childhood intervention. Launching later in 2019, be the first to take advantage of a special introductory, no cost offer and get early access to this evidence based Australian technology.


Introducing Tali Detect. Launching late 2019.

Tali Detect is the first digital ATTENTION assessment tool designed to screen children globally for potential attention deficits.


Digital Assessment Tool

Seven engaging, game-based activities delivered in the classroom via a touchscreen tablet.


One In-Class Session

Fun and simple program completed in-class in a single 20-minute session.


Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting to help assess whether a child may benefit from professional attention support or intervention.

129 million children globally have severe attention deficits. Many hundreds of millions more are never assessed or diagnosed. Let’s help them get the support they need.

Studies have shown that the most commonly reported childhood issues are related to attention. Deficiencies in attention can have a detrimental impact on a child’s education, social inclusions and general wellbeing. At Tali, we’re on a mission to detect signs of inattention in children early so they can access professional support and intervention during their critical years of development.

Receive detailed reporting and assessment for every student.


Tali Detect Child Report.

After completing Tali Detect, your school will receive a detailed report and assessment for each student. This report outlines child performance in each of the seven exercises of Tali Detect.

Download a sample Tali Detect Attention Assessment Report

Tali Attention Profile.

As part of the report, each child will receive their own unique attention profile. Here, child performance for each key attention skill is plotted against what is considered to be the average result for a child of their age and gender.
*Based on neurotypical children assessed in clinical trial, removing effect of gender and age.


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