Use this budgeting opportunity to improve attention in your students

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How can TALi improve attention in my school?

Attention is the foundation for learning, and TALi TRAIN is the first clinically validated program designed to directly strengthen attention in early childhood. Students with better attention absorb information more easily, can focus for longer and are more calm in the classroom. For students who experience difficulties, effective early intervention is important to support positive academic outcomes.

An attentive classroom is a happy classroom. And, a happy classroom means improved learning.

How TALi TRAIN benefits students and classrooms

TALi TRAIN has been developed using 25 years of research. It is the first digital early-intervention program, clinically proven to strengthen attention and numeracy skills in young children with attention difficulties.


Designed for students with a developmental age of 3-8.


TALi schools have individual students, select groups, and whole classes using the program.


Perfect for children in ELC, Pre-prep through to Grade 2, and school readiness programs.


Administered by a teacher, or educational support staff.

Some of our TALi schools

TALi TRAIN is currently being implemented across various grammar, Catholic, independent and public schools. Knowing that each school has a unique student body and faculty, each school has its own method of implementation to suit their environment and support their students with TALi TRAIN. Whether you have a couple of students you feel would benefit from improved attention or an entire class, TALi TRAIN will suit your needs.


What our community thinks of TALi.

Improving attention in classrooms globally

Everyone benefits from improved attention.

You may observe the following benefits from attention training:


The ability to ignore distractions


Improved focus and concentration


Less impulsive and more considered responses i.e less calling out

Help your class focus

TALi TRAIN improves attention in students which means increased focus and improved ability to learn. Give your students the gift of attention.