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Is Tali Train Right For Your School?


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The Tali Train program was created for children with a developmental age of 3-8.

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Perfect for children in ELC, Pre-prep to Grade 2 and school readiness programs.


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Provider schools have single students, groups and whole classes using the program.

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Administered by a teacher, well-being staff or any educational professional.

What Equipment Do I Need To Use Tali Train In My School?

The beauty of Tali Train is that all you need are WiFi enabled tablets that use either the Android or iOS systems. You only need to connect to WiFi when downloading the program or uploading results, it is not necessary when a child is playing the game.

I’ve seen a really big change in my student. He couldn’t focus at all before. My student that is undertaking Tali Training is not the same boy that started the program. It’s been really fabulous to see the results we’ve been able to get.

- Michelle McLaren, Teacher - Prep

How Do I Implement The Tali Train Program In My School?

The way each school implements the program will change depending on their culture, staff, resources, and curriculum. Our Tali Team will support you to facilitate Tali Train in your school according to your needs. Schools then often reach out to parents to make the program available to a larger student population.


Get Your Free Consultation

A Tali Health team member will present the benefits of the Tali Train program to teachers and parents.


Identify Students

Teachers, wellbeing staff, or visiting health care professionals identify students who need to build attention.


Get Started

Provide student details to the Tali Health team and you'll be up and running within a couple of weeks.

What is included in the Tali Train Education package?

Tali Train is provided to schools through an annual license. Your package includes:

  • Access to the Tali Train program.
  • Onboarding
  • Training for staff.
  • On site consultation.
  • Direct access to IT.
  • Local, real time (Australian based) support.
  • Parent and Educator access to child's reports.

Children also receive some fun and engaging add ons with your license:

  • Tali Train journey and sticker book for each student to map their progress.
  • Attention Training Completion certificate for each child.