Attention: The Foundation For Child Education

Attention’s Impact On Education And Learning

Attention has been shown to be a stronger predictor of academic achievement than IQ. Studies also show that even a few inattentive behaviours at the age of 3 are risk factors for poor academic achievement and college completion. Attention abilities are associated with children’s language performance, reading comprehension and numeracy skills. You can help children learn by training their attention.

Tali Train: Making A Difference In Child Education

Attention In The Classroom

Children who struggle with attention often find an educational setting challenging. A child unable to focus or attend in class may exhibit disruptive or “daydreaming” behaviours and is sometimes perceived to have learning difficulties. In some cases an inattentive child can impact the entire class. If a child is unable to sit still and focus they are powerless to absorb information being presented to them. Children need attention to thrive in a classroom environment.

Attention and Learning

The learning process begins with attention. Attention skills are used to sit still, stay quiet, focus, and to filter out distractions. Attention also allows information to be taken in and to select what’s important so that your working memory can then recall what’s important later on. Attention not only helps children learn from an academic point of view, it is also linked to improved social relationships and increased self confidence. Without attention, children are at a disadvantage.

Can Your School Help Improve Attention?

Given that attention provides the foundation for classroom engagement and learning, it’s important that all children who are entering an educational setting have the opportunity to improve their attention. You may find that attention training can help children who:

  • Often speak out in class
  • Struggle to focus on or complete a task
  • Are easily distracted
  • Not able to recall basic concepts.

Tali Train: Enhance Learning Abilities

Tali Train is the first program to be developed to directly target attention skills in early childhood. Results from rigorous clinical trials highlight that Tali Train is capable of promoting gains in both selective attention and numeracy skills in young children. Tali Train targets the four core attention skills providing benefits in the classroom:

  1. Selection – Blocking out other children talking or playing.
  2. Focus – Maintaining attention over a period of time.
  3. Control – Choosing to focus on a lesson, not other things.
  4. Inhibition – Staying quiet in class rather than speaking out of turn.

Tali Train

Improve Attention In My School