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The Impact of Inattention In Children With Autism

Some of the earliest features of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are related to attention difficulties. Children with Autism often have trouble directing attention to others, monitoring gaze, keeping eye contact and controlling attention away from a task or interest. This can have a negative impact on a child’s educational engagement, social development and family relationships.

Attention In Children With Autism

Why Treat Inattention In Autism?

While social difficulties are often the primary concern for many parents of children with ASD, attention is central to developing social skills and maintaining peer relationships.

An estimated 30% to 80% of children with ASD also meet the criteria for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Treating inattention can have a positive impact on a range of symptoms experienced by a child with ASD including social difficulties, education and overall well-being.

Decrease Attention Vulnerability In Autism

Training exists to improve social skills in children with ASD, however TALI Train is the first cognitive training program to improve developmental foundation skills such as attention. TALI Train is not designed to be a standalone tool to help improve all ASD symptoms but may be beneficial in reducing attention difficulties.

Cognitive training is an important part of a holistic approach to support children with autism. We recommend you pair TALI Train with other programs such as: ABA, speech and language therapy, and behavioural interventions.

Benefits Of TALI Train

Most interventions for children with ASD have the goal of developing cognition, language, socialisation and decreasing maladaptive behaviours. Introducing TALI Train to a child’s regime may support or enhance the following outcomes:

  • Improves ability to ignore distractors
  • Reduces signs of hyperactivity
  • Increases impulse control
  • Boosts child’s confidence in completing tasks
  • Helps your child wind down while improving attention skills
  • Provides an educational focus for the child

The TALI Train 5 week attention training program also creates a setting for you to spend more time encouraging your child to work toward positive outcomes in their life.

Designed For Children With Autism

TALI Train was designed with children who have ASD in mind. Studies show that children with ASD have a preference toward touchscreen tablets for leisure and learning tasks which is why the program is administered through a tablet. Other features created for children with ASD include:

  • Lock out timer – prevent extended screen time and use
  • Game design – non-confronting animation and sounds
  • Setting configuration – remove features that may increase anxiety
  • Timed exercises – same duration every day to help build routine
  • Positive reinforcement – positive language and no negative feedback

Contact TALI Health to learn more about features or to ask questions about adding TALI Train to your child’s ASD treatment regime.

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