Treating Inattention in Autism

The Impact of Inattention In Children With Autism

Some of the earliest features of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are related to attention difficulties. Children with Autism often have trouble directing attention to others, monitoring gaze, keeping eye contact and controlling attention away from a task or interest. This can have a negative impact on a child’s educational engagement, social development and family relationships.

Attention In Children With Autism

Build Strong Minds For Kids With Autism

Parents are often focussed on improving social skills in kids with ASD. The stronger a child’s attention, the better their social skills, and ability to maintain and grow peer relationships. Strong minds mean happier kids.

Decrease Attention Vulnerability In Autism

Tali Train is the first cognitive training program to build foundational developmental skills such as attention. Cognitive training is an important part of a holistic approach to support children with autism.

As an early intervention strategy, Tali Train can complement existing treatments to improve attention in kids with Autism.  Train is designed to complement pharmaceutical and psychotherapeutic strategies prescribed by your doctor. If you do decide to undertake the Tali journey, it’s important you let your doctors know.

Benefits of Tali Train

Tali Train, is a 5 week digital attention training platform that’s been created by neuroscientists and is clinically proven to improve attention in children 3-8 years of age. Children with attention disorders often have unique profiles and therefore require a tailored approach to treatment. Tali Train can help give you insight and treat symptoms of ADHD by providing:

Quantitative data to help understand a child’s attention profile

A platform for attention training at home or in school

Context for healthy screen time

A centrepiece for shared family learning time

Tali Train has also been proven to promote gains in selective attention and numeracy skills in young children.

Designed for children with Autism

Tali Train was designed with children who have ASD in mind. Studies show that children with ASD have a preference toward touchscreen tablets for leisure and learning tasks which is why the program is administered through a tablet.

Lock out timer

Prevent extended screen time and use

Accessible game design

Non-confronting animation and sounds

Personalised settings

Remove features that may increase anxiety

Structured learning

Same duration every day to help build routine

Positive Reinforcement

Positive language and no negative feedback

Contact Tali to learn more about features or to ask questions about adding Tali Train to your child’s ASD treatment regime.

Happier Minds, Happier Kids

Are you ready to take the Tali journey? Your 5 week intensive training program awaits.