Tackle Learning Difficulties:
Improve Attention

Impact of Attention on Learning Abilities

Learning difficulties are often classified as difficulties in reading, writing and arithmetic. Learning disabilities are more severe cases of long lasting impairments which affect roughly 4% of Australians.


Research shows that attention skills are a predictor of academic success. Children who had strong attention in their early school years were 60% more likely to graduate from high school than their peers.


By fifth grade, kids with even a few attention problems had lower reading scores and grades than their peers. Improving attention early can have a huge impact on the ability to learn, and has direct impact on later academic outcomes.

Improving attention can help kids learn

Often, kids who experience learning difficulties or disabilities also have attention difficulties. Strong attention means that a child is able to absorb information. Attention facilitates listening and filtering out distraction. Learning requires the ability to focus on tasks for extended periods and to switch attention from one task to another. For kids with attention difficulties or disorders, these seemingly simple tasks can be difficult. Improving attention can improve your child’s ability to learn.

Improving attention in kids with learning difficulties

Kids need strong attention to excel in school. They must focus on teachers’ instructions and filter out distractions. Training a child’s attention early will help ensure the child is best equipped to tackle a classroom environment.

TALi TRAIN follows the principles of neuroplasticity, one of which is repetition. Research shows that repeated practice within a specific area (e.g. attention) will result in gains within that area as well as associated areas (e.g. learning and academics).

Benefits of TALi TRAIN for Learning Difficulties

Paying attention is the first step in the learning process. TALi TRAIN is the first program designed to directly target attention skills in kids aged 3-8. Independent university research demonstrates that TALi TRAIN is capable of promoting gains in both attention and numeracy skills in kids with attention difficulties.


Improving attention in kids with learning difficulties changes how they feel and how they learn.

Attention supports positive emotional and social development of kids.

Attentive kids are better for families, schools and communities everywhere.

TALi TRAIN was designed to help your child focus better in every aspect of life, get started today.

Help tackle your child’s learning difficulties.

Improved attention means stronger learning abilities. Kids who learn more easily are proven to be happier. Join TALi and give your child the gift of attention.