Designed to Treat Inattention in ADHD

Attention Difficulties in Children with ADHD

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), formally known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), experience differences in brain development and brain activity that affects their attention. The disorder impacts a child’s ability to sit still and and maintain self-control. While ADHD impacts a child’s development it can also impact family dynamics and social interactions. The good news is, there are many forms of treatment for ADHD.

Complementary ADHD Treatment Pathways

Healthcare professionals may prescribe a combination of ADHD treatments, involving medication, behavioural therapy, parent training, and cognitive therapy. Tali Train is an early intervention option which may be implemented for kids at an earlier age than other treatments. Depending on your child’s needs, each treatment may complement another. Train can be used alongside other treatment, including medication.

Why use Cognitive Training as an ADHD Treatment

Cognitive training, sometimes referred to as “brain training” works on the premise that skills can be improved through repeated practice. While cognitive training is not guaranteed to help or treat all ADHD symptoms, cognitive training can be a strong supplemental treatment for children with ADHD. There are cognitive training programs that are designed specifically for children with attention difficulties and disorders. Because medical intervention is generally used for children seven years and older, cognitive training is a strong first line intervention.

Benefits of Tali Train

Tali Train, is a 5 week digital attention training program created by neuroscientists. It’s clinically proven to improve attention in children with attention difficulties and is designed for kids 3-8 years of age. Children with attention disorders often have unique profiles and therefore require a tailored approach to treatment. Tali Train can help give you insight and treat symptoms of ADHD by providing:

Quantitative data to help understand a child’s attention profile

A platform for attention training at home or in school

Context for healthy screen time

A centrepiece for shared family learning time

The Tali Train 5 week attention training program also creates a setting for you to spend more time encouraging your child to work toward positive outcomes in their life.

Treat Inattention In ADHD

Children with ADHD can benefit from cognitive training. Give your child the gift of attention.