Tali Program recognised by Industry and Government

Tali Health

October 1, 2016 . 1 minute read

A simple conversation about the growing needs of an ‘inattentive generation’ sparked a Melbourne-based joint venture that spans the fields of medical science, education, and software development.

This joint venture, between Monash University, Grey Innovation and Torus Games, led to the development of the Tali Attention Training Program – a ground-breaking attention training program for children with attention deficits. And thanks to world-class research and development, the program has delivered.

TALI has been formally recognised by numerous high-level bodies, including Trade & Investment Victoria – a State Government of Victoria initiative. The program was acquired by Avexa Ltd in early 2016 and has received further development prior to commercial launch.

Dr Hannah Kirk, the Chief Research Officer at Avexa, was involved in the development of both Tali and the subsequent synergies with industry partners including Avexa.

“By working together from the very beginning we sped the development process up, which also ensured that the end result was a combination of the best that both science and tech had to offer,” Dr Kirk said.

More coverage on Tali can be found on the Trade & Investment Victoria website, as well as in the September 2016 edition of Monash Magazine.