Tali a leading example of Industry and Research Collaboration

Tali Health

October 15, 2016 . 1 minute read


Tali has been hailed as a leading example of industry and research collaboration, with CRO Dr Hannah Kirk featuring in a video for Monash University’s newly launched Graduate Education and Industry Centre.

This centre is the organisational hub for all higher degree training within the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN). It provides a world-class environment for research training, as well as an integrated training program that prioritises industry partnerships and the commercialisation of research – making it the first of its kind in Australia.

Dr Kirk work with both research and industry over the last 4 years has been essential to the success of the Tali program and continues to be integral in moving the Tali technology forward as part of Novita Healthcare Ltd.

View the MICCN video here