Dr Hannah Kirk, Chief Scientific Officer receives prestigious award for her research

Tali Health

June 24, 2017 . 1 minute read

Dr Hannah Kirk is the recipient of this year’s Australian Psychological Society (APS), Thesis Award for Studies in the Psychology of Intellectual Disability and Autism. Published in this quarter’s InPsych magazine (June 2017), the article states:

“Hannah Kirk’s thesis was lauded as a well-constructed clinical trial, incorporating a control group and double-blind assessment of outcomes. The thesis indicates that direct intervention to address attention has the potential to increase the skills and subsequent real-world potential of children with disability. This is a very important finding and provides much needed evidence to progress computer-based educational interventions for children with identified learning disabilities. It is the perennial and understandable question of parents following diagnosis as to “what can be done for my child”; this excellent study represents a considered response to this question.”

Iain Kirkwood, Chairman said “We congratulate Hannah on being awarded this prestigious award which is further testament to the quality of the research behind the Tali Technology and Hannah’s expertise within this area. We are extremely privileged to have her leading the ongoing research and development of the Tali Technology. Research awards like this are recognised in the clinical community, and help build trust and confidence with Tali providers and their clients”.