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Books Celebrating Neurodiversity

April 17, 2019 . 3 minute read

Representation is everything – whether that’s for newly diagnosed kids so they don’t feel so alone or parents looking for reassurance that everything’s going to be ok. And what better place to start spreading the word about the importance of neurodiversity than with the books we read? We’ve rounded up a few to get you […]

School Holidays: Helping Neurodiverse Kids to Thrive

April 5, 2019 . 3 minute read

For parents of neurodiverse kids the school holidays can bring with them a bag of mixed emotions. Time with the kiddos? Wonderful. Filling that time? That’s the tricky bit! However, with a bit of planning and structure school holidays can be a time for families to thrive in each other’s company rather than simply hold […]

5 strategies to help kids pay attention in class

March 25, 2019 . 3 minute read

Daisy dozing off? Tom can’t stop fidgeting? We’ve got some tips on how to help them pay attention. 1. Set classroom expectations Kids need structure, it helps them feel in control. Put the day’s timeline at the front of the class and think about breaking down the day into 20-minute blocks – including morning tea/lunch […]

Bonding is better for our health

February 22, 2019 . 7 minute read

When a hug from mum or dad is sometimes all we really need. You’ve lost your keys, have a looming work deadline and just now your little one has decided to throw their breakfast all over the kitchen, you pull your socks up and get on with it, but you wouldn’t be alone (or the […]

Games to play with your kids

February 22, 2019 . 6 minute read

We all know kids can sometimes find it a bit trickier to pay attention and we know what it’s like when they don’t remember to pick up their socks! Sometimes it could be they’ve had an average sleep, they’re hungry, there’s a basketball game happening outside or at other times there could be a neurological […]

Little rabbits have big ears.

February 15, 2019 . 6 minute read

Is your toddler screaming? Not wanting to share? Science may just have the answers to helping your child’s bad behaviour improve. After my first one turned 2 and a bit, I went to my mother with a story I thought was crazy—and specific to me. One night at dinner I got upset at my partner […]

The brain’s “boss”: What makes kids master chefs, amazing gymnasts and musical prodigies? Attention.

January 25, 2019 . 5 minute read

The brain is an incredible organ helping us breathe, regenerate cells, run marathons, attempt cooking paella and nailing that karaoke song. Unsurprisingly it requires the most amount of energy, which in adults is around 20% of our body’s daily energy requirement and in 4 years olds it requires an estimated 43%. “…a 5-year-old’s brain uses […]

Early Childhood Learning: Their First Day of School Starts Earlier Than You Think

January 24, 2019 . 5 minute read

By the time kids put on their first school uniform, they’ve already learned some of the most important skills in life. Early childhood education starts at home. One of the most incredible things in life is how rapidly young brains learn and grow. From birth and into their first few years, kids are making trillions […]

How Improved Attention Can Build Stronger Learning Abilities

October 15, 2018 . 3 minute read

Attention And Its Impact On Learning Abilities Are you concerned your child is experiencing learning difficulties? Perhaps they’re falling behind in reading or numeracy? In Australia, 10-16% of students are seen by their teachers to have learning difficulties with support needs beyond those usually required by a teacher. When we talk about ‘learning difficulties’, we’re […]

How Attention Impacts Childhood Development

October 15, 2018 . 3 minute read

The Importance of Attention For Child Development As a parent, you may have concerns about your child’s attention span and how it’s impacting their development. Firstly, it’s important to understand that it’s natural for children to struggle with attention from time to time; sitting still, listening and controlling what they say and do. Children tend […]

The Transformative Potential Of Digital Therapies

October 15, 2018 . 4 minute read

What are digital therapies and how effective are they in improving our health? Picture this: an ingestible pill fitted with a sensor to digitally track medicines being injected; a virtual avatar to diagnose depression; or a smart contact lens in your eye. No, these aren’t fictitious inventions in a sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster. These are realities […]

Melbourne healthtech Tali Health is taking a gamified approach to treating child inattention

June 5, 2018 . 4 minute read

It is estimated that 136 million children globally experience clinical attention difficulties. In some cases, this is diagnosed as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with an estimated one in 20 Australian children having ADHD. According to the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCHM), the condition has the potential to affect a child’s learning and social skills, […]

Tali Train now included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a Class 1 medical device

May 29, 2018 . 1 minute read

Novita Healthcare Limited is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary Tali Health Pty Ltd has been issued with an Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) Certificate by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the inclusion of Tali Train as a Class 1 Medical Device. ARTG inclusion is a legal requirement to supply any medical […]

Tali Health has been approved as a registered provider by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIS)

May 29, 2018 . 7 minute read

Novita Healthcare is pleased to report that the National Disability Insurance Agency has approved Tali Health as a registered provider of supports under the registration group “Comms & Info Equipment”. This means that the Company’s clinically-proven game-based training program Tali Train may now be utilised by participants in the NDIS in all states and territories, […]

More children to benefit from Tali Technology

November 1, 2017 . 2 minute read

With support of the Development Grant, TALI’s promising results will be extended to children with acquired brain injuries and to typically developing children as they enter school. This gives approximately 75% more children access to the potential benefits of this technology.

Tali part of the the Digital Innovation Festival

August 29, 2017 . 1 minute read

Dr Hannah Kirk, Tali Health’s CSO, has been invited to present at the Digital Innovation Festival. Conceived  to showcase and celebrate digital excellence, DIF is an inspiring weeklong government event open to the public and catering for a diverse range of interests.

School workshop spreads the Tali word

August 24, 2017 . 1 minute read

Studies show that, with the right support, children with learning disabilities have every chance of success at school. This week, the classroom was the focus for Tali Health’s Dr Hannah Kirk when she conducted a workshop on attention and learning for parents and teachers at St Joseph’s Primary School, Malvern. 

Applause for Tali in Amsterdam

August 15, 2017 . 1 minute read

Tali Health has been introduced to an appreciative international audience of researchers at the 2017 ICON Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dr Hannah Kirk, Chief Scientific Officer receives prestigious award for her research

June 24, 2017 . 1 minute read

Dr Hannah Kirk is the recipient of this year’s Australian Psychological Society (APS), Thesis Award for Studies in the Psychology of Intellectual Disability and Autism.

Tali Train used by Primary School Students

June 24, 2017 . 1 minute read

Tali Train is currently being used by students at a Primary School in Victoria. The Tali Train program has been successfully implemented within the school day and teachers have been trained as Tali Providers. Attention is a fundamental for learning and has been shown to be a significant predictor of academic outcomes. Tali Train has […]

Tali Train Expanding Interstate

June 13, 2017 . 0 minute read

Tali is excited to announce the addition of 10 more clinics to the Tali community. The Beta version of Tali Train is currently being used in 18 clinics that specialise in child development, e.g. child psychologists, speech pathologist and occupational therapists, across Australia.  Feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive, with improvements being reported in […]

Tali receives special commendation at B/HERT Awards

November 15, 2016 . 1 minute read

The Tali training program has once again been recognised as a prime example of a successful industry and academic collaboration.

New Video Tool

October 16, 2016 . 1 minute read

Research presented at the 2016 International Meeting for Autism Research. Posted in May 2016.

Artificial Intelligence

October 16, 2016 . 1 minute read

Researchers in the US are using artificial intelligence to improve the diagnosis of developmental disorders such as autism. The particular technique being used is machine learning which focuses on the development of computer programs that can teach themselves to grow and change when exposed to new information.

Tali Technology a finalist in The Australian Innovation Challenge Awards

October 16, 2016 . 2 minute read

Computer technology designed to assist children with developmental disabilities, has been chosen as a finalist in the annual The Australian Innovation Challenge awards, to be announced on 28 November. The world first tablet technology – designed to assist children with developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorders and Down syndrome, stay focused is aimed at […]

Tali a leading example of Industry and Research Collaboration

October 15, 2016 . 1 minute read

Tali has been hailed as a leading example of industry and research collaboration, with CRO Dr Hannah Kirk featuring in a video for Monash University’s newly launched Graduate Education and Industry Centre. This centre is the organisational hub for all higher degree training within the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN). It provides […]

Tali Program recognised by Industry and Government

October 1, 2016 . 1 minute read

A simple conversation about the growing needs of an ‘inattentive generation’ sparked a Melbourne-based joint venture that spans the fields of medical science, education, and software development.

Tali featured during dyslexia empowerment week

September 28, 2016 . 2 minute read

An animated program – backed by hard science – has the potential to help children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia, to better concentrate in class, improving academic performance and life prospects. TALI is an interactive program co-founded by Professor Kim Cornish and Dr Hannah Kirk and is the only one of its kind based on clinical […]

Tali Presented to the Prime Minister

July 13, 2016 . 0 minute read

Tali Presented to Prime Minister as he seeks out leading Australian innovation This week prime minister Malcolm Turnbull showed keen interest in one of Australian newest innovative products, Tali. The Tali Technology was presented to him at an Engineers Australia innovation showcase. Mr Turnbull showed particular interest in the future of Tali Health as a company […]