Applause for Tali in Amsterdam

Tali Health

August 15, 2017 . 1 minute read

Last week, Tali Health was introduced to an appreciative international audience of researchers at the 2017 ICON Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Chair of the Tali Health Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Kim Cornish and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Hannah Kirk were joined by Monash University’s Professor Peter Anderson and Dr Megan Spencer-Smith, along with Dr Natalie Philips from University of Sydney in presenting the symposium, ‘Building Cognitive Architecture in Atypically Developing Populations: Assessing the Potential of Targeted Cognitive Training’.

Speaking from the impressive Beurs van Berlage conference hall, Dr Hannah Kirk said; “The ICON conference was a great opportunity to present the work we are conducting on Tali in Australia, on the global stage to leading academics, clinicians and neuroscientists. It’s great to get such positive feedback from our international peers who are supportive of the program and the research that underpins the technology.”

ICON, the International Conference for Cognitive Neuroscience, has taken place every two to three years since 1980. Researchers from diverse backgrounds are brought together by their interest in studying the relationship amongst brain, mind and behaviour. Central to ICON is the dissemination and exchange of high-level scientific findings, methods and ideas across various areas of cognitive neuroscience such as language, attention and decision making.

The 14th International Conference for Neuroscience, ICON 2020, will take place in Helsinki.

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