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Improve Attention
During Your Child’s Early Years

TALI Health is creating game based programs designed to improve attention in children. Our five week TALI Train program targets the underlying problems of attention difficulties and strengthens the four core attention skills: Selection, Control, Impulsivity and Focus.

Is Your Child Struggling With Attention?

In Australia, 40,000 children start school with reduced attention capabilities. It’s a growing problem that can impact children in many areas of their lives – education, social inclusion, family and, later employment. TALI Health’s programs show positive results in attention in just over a month.

TALI Train: Improving Attention In Children Everywhere

TALI Train is clinically proven to boost attention in children. Bring TALI Train into your family, school or healthcare practice.


A fun, healthy and stimulating way for your child to build core attention skills under your guidance, in the comfort of your home.

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Bring TALI Train into your school and give students an upper hand using a training program clinically proven to improve attention.

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Become a TALI Train Certified Provider and add this valuable, clinically-proven training software to your product offering.

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