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Evidence based, digital attention testing and training for early childhood.

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Two ground-breaking TALi technologies.

First Step
TALi Assessment

Digital game-based tool designed to measure key attention skills.

First Step
TALi Assessment

Digital game-based tool designed to measure key attention skills.


Fun & engaging.

The TALi DETECT Assessment consists of seven game-based exercises that can be completed in one 20-minute session.


Comprehensive Attention Profile.

After your child has completed TALi DETECT, you’ll receive a detailed Attention Profile, outlining attentional strengths and weaknesses.


Unique information for every child.

Each child’s TALi Attention Profile maps their attention abilities against what is considered to be the average result.

Second Step
TALi Training

How we support children who have attentional weaknesses

Second Step
TALi Training

How we support children who have attentional weaknesses.


Game-based attention training.

Our 5 week intensive training program is designed to strengthen attention during early childhood


Clinically proven to improve attention.

Validated by Gold Standard clinical trials, TALi TRAIN is proven to improve selective attention, as well as numeracy skills.


See your child’s TALi Attention profile grow.

After completing the 5-week course, your child will have access to post-training attention assessments, so you can see their gains.

People love TALi.

Our Awards

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I thought my son would be suited to this style of therapy as he loves to play games on his tablet. As he has limited language I simplified the explanation of the program, telling him it was a special game to help him behave better at school. I found that doing TALi TRAIN early in the morning, when he first woke up, or just after breakfast helped him to respond better.

Marika — Parent of Adam, a 4 year old with ASD

When we first started playing TALi TRAIN, Jake really loved it and was always keen to play. Weeks 3 & 4 were a bit harder to get him motivated but once he started he was fine. What I loved most about TALi TRAIN was how much it would calm him down after school, which helped with his behaviour in the evening. Jake flourished at school during the 5 weeks of TALi TRAIN and was often given ‘star of the day’ in class because of how attentive he was being. Overall, I would highly recommend the program to any school age child struggling to pay attention.

Deana — Parent of Jake, a 7 year-old with ADHD

I’ve seen a really big change in my student. He couldn’t focus at all before.

My student that has been undertaking the TALi Training is not the same boy that started the program. It’s been really fabulous to see the results that we’ve been able to get.

Michelle McLaren — Teacher, Prep

Upon completion of TALi TRAIN:

93% of parents noted improvements in one or more symptoms of inattentive and hyperactive behaviour in their child.

Australian Government CRCP

TALi DETECT was developed under the Cooperative Research Centres Program (CRC-P) from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.


Official Google for Education Partner

*Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants provide funding for short-term research collaborations. It supports industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers and the community with the aim of fostering high quality research to solve industry-identified problems.