If you are a healthcare professional experienced in working with children with attention deficits, and are dedicated to using evidence-based treatments in your practice, then we would love you to join the TALI Health community and become a TALI provider.

As a TALI provider you will have full access to:

– the clinically proven TALI Train program
– Online daily data for all of your clients so you can effectively monitor progress
– Training resources including videos and explanations of exercises
– Continued support from our experts

Once you have made the decision to join our exclusive network of TALI providers we can help you get started. Please fill out the form and a TALI representative will follow up with you shortly to discuss things further. Note that TALI works with a specific profile and requires each practice/institution to have a qualified healthcare professional that serves as the head of the administration of TALI for that practice. Each application is reviewed before the TALI license agreement is sent.

All TALI providers need to complete our online professional training which is designed to educate those who are involved in implementation on the proper delivery of the program to ensure efficacy. It is self-guided and online, allowing our TALI providers to perform their training at locations and times that are convenient to them. All trainees also complete assessments to ensure they have understood the key concepts necessary to deliver the program properly.

To request additional information on becoming a TALI provider, please contact us at +61 3 8888 1040.