TALI Health Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne, Australia and is made up of a team of neuroscientists, software engineers, game developers and all-round talented individuals. Our vision is to be a leader in the assessment and treatment of childhood attention difficulties. We aim to assist children in reaching their full potential by providing engaging training software clinically proven to improve core cognitive performance. Under the leadership of the TALI Health board of directors, scientific advisory board and Chief Research Officer Dr Hannah Kirk, our team of experts design, develop, and evaluate training exercises that target core issues in early childhood and academic skills.



TALI is a ground-breaking game-based training program for young children, designed by a team of neuroscientists at Monash University. The program represents the culmination of over 25 years of research in developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

The program has been proven, through scientifically validated clinical trials, to improve attention by strengthening underlying attentional processes. Critically, improvements were retained after treatment had stopped, suggesting that benefits are longterm, conferring a lifelong advantage.

Designed as a five-week clinical intervention, the program is accessed via a home-based tablet, making it available to users across a wider range of socio-demographic groups and geographic locations.

The program incorporates engaging touchscreen exercises to train children’s core attentional skills.

Using a special algorithm, each exercise adapts in difficulty in real time to the gameplay of the child to ensure that they are constantly challenged. Key parameters can also be tailored by TALI providers to ensure that the program addresses the unique needs of each child.


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The TALI program was really easy to use, bright and engaging. We like how the level of difficulty increases or decreases based on performance. We think it is a great program and are surprised that our daughter is able to do as much as she is. We have already seen improvements in cognition, language and ability to focus and remain alert. Completing the different levels of the program has also given our daughter a sense of achievement and has resulted in her feeling happier in herself.

Father of a 4 year old girl with autism spectrum disorder
(Alice Springs, Northern Territory) 

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How TALI works

The TALI program is based on the concept of “neuroplasticity” – a term used to mean that the brain is plastic (or flexible), and can be re-wired by both experience and training. Recent scientific findings indicate that intense training in childhood can result in changes at many levels in the brain, which in turn promote changes in cognitive skills and behaviour.

Why Attention?

Attention is one of the first cognitive skills to develop and as such plays an important role in guiding all future learning. When a child learns to
pay attention, it enables them to concentrate on a task or conversation
for an extended period of time, to filter out distracting information and to
prevent impulse responding. Without these core attention skills children
struggle to develop more complex skills such as memory, language,
reading and writing.


Since early intervention is the key to better outcomes, TALI Train has been designed for children aged three to eight. This compares favourably with other programs that begin at six years – making TALI a unique provider of early years’ intervention when it is most needed.

TALI is particularly beneficial for children who are at risk of attention difficulties due to an underlying developmental disorder such as autism spectrum disorder.

Our People


Professor Kim Cornish

Chair of the TALI Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Gaia Scerif

Developmental Neuroscientist, Oxford University (UK)

Professor Mark Bellgrove

Cognitive Neuroscientist, Monash University (AUS)

Professor Vicki Anderson

Developmental Neuropyschologist, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (AUS)

Dr Jane Roberts

Developmental & Educational Pyschologist, University of South Carolina (USA)

TALI Partnerships


The TALI Technology was developed in collaboration with Monash University, and based on over 20 years of research from leading developmental and cognitive neuroscientists.  The Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences which is embedded within Monash’s world leading Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences continues to work closely with TALI Health to develop new and exciting technology. The Institute is the largest of its kind in Australia and the biggest grouping of cognitive and clinical neuroscientists in the Asia-Pacific region. The Institute aims to improve the understanding of the human brain through innovative research approaches and actively supports the use of that knowledge within ‘real world’ settings.

Grey Innovation is a commercialisation technology company based in Melbourne which partners with Universities and research institutes in Australia and Globally. Grey develops innovative technologies in Health, Security & Safety and Environmental fields, encompassing the Internet of Things and Big Data. Grey develop, trial and certify the technology ready for sale and facilitate partnerships and acquisitions on exit.

Grey brings strong expertise in Product Development, Manufacturing and Commercialisation.Grey has in house capabilities such as Industrial Design, Mechanical, Electronic, Software and System Engineering, Project Management, Manufacturing and Legal Counsel.

Grey translates research into new technologies and launches new technology companies.

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